about our lifegroups

What ages are LifeGroups for?

From babies to senior adults, Katy’s First has a place for everyone!

Why do we have LifeGroups?

The foundational program for ministry at Katy’s First is LifeGroups. Through LifeGroups you will have opportunities to be involved in the worship, discipleship, missions, evangelism, and fellowship programs of Katy’s First. We believe that studying the Bible and living life together with this group is the key to growing in so many areas of the Christian life.

You don’t have to study the Gospels long to find that Jesus was fond of relationships and the very best relationships we can have in this world, begin with Him. Our Sunday morning LifeGroups ministry is designed to help you connect with Jesus through His Word. The foundation of our LifeGroups is the study and application of the Word of God. Out of a growing relationship with Jesus, we build strong relationships with others.

What can you expect from a LifeGroup?

Our LifeGroups are designed to broaden your knowledge of the Bible, provide you with strong prayer support, and build lasting relationships. Our teachers have a passion to reach the lost and disciple the saved. They are trained and have an outstanding knowledge of God’s Word.

LifeGroups will help you stay connected to the ministry opportunities and activities that exist at Kay’s First.

LifeGroups will provide you with opportunities for meaningful fellowship. From sharing meals together, to participating in Summer Volleyball, your LifeGroup will facilitate the process of turning acquaintances into friends.

When do LifeGroups meet?

LifeGroups meet from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in various rooms around our campus.

How can I find a LifeGroup?

You can locate a LifeGroup for your stage of life by visiting the Welcome Desk in the front foyer of Katy’s First. In addition to a warm welcome from one of our members, they will also help you find a LifeGroup and show you where it meets.

Click here for a list of LifeGroups

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