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What is a D/Group?

A D/Group or Discipleship Group, is a group of 3 to 4 men committed to growing together for a set period of time (9-18 months) with the goal of spiritual transformation through Bible study and accountable relationships.

Mission & Purpose

Though we know that our mission is to make disciples we often just haven’t been shown how to do it, and without a plan we eventually become inactive and ineffective. In D/Groups we are providing a simple plan and a repeatable process that we can all follow to facilitate a group that leads to personal growth and multiplication.

D/Group Breakdown

A D/Group is made up of four disciplines:

Scripture Reading

The heart of the D/Group is the Word of God. It is the main curriculum for every D/Group. At launch, each D/Group will use the F260 scripture reading plan which takes you through the New Testament in 260 days (5 readings a week for 52 weeks). The plan requires reading and interacting with approximately 1 chapter a day.


HEAR Journal Study

The HEAR Journal is a study strategy that will help you interact with the text and apply it to your life. HEAR stands for HIGHLIGHT, EXPLAIN, APPLY, RESPOND.


Scripture Memory

Memorizing scripture may be the most intimidating discipline of the D/Group.  However God promises that His Word is like treasure to our lives and commands us to hide it in our hearts. With the help of brothers who likely also struggle to memorize scripture you can strategically store God’s precious Word in your mind forever.

The F260 reading plan suggests memorizing much of the sermon on the mount, but if you are new to scripture memory we would also suggest the Navigator’s Topical Memory System.



Accountability is a key component of the D/Group. It is not for shaming or legalism, but designed for help each other push past our natural inclination to give up or stagnate.

Accountability is categorized in three areas:

  1. How did you feed your soul this week?
  2. How did you feed your flesh this week?
  3. How did you feed others this week.


How do I join a D/Group?

There are two ways to join a D/Group:

  1. Agree to be a Point Man for your D/Group and find 2 or 3 other guys who would like to join you. Before you all commit, talk through available meeting times and margin in your schedule. This is an hour a week, 12-18 month commitment. Then register your group at the bottom of this page. This will help our leadership provide you with continued training, helpful resources and encouraging words.

2. If you don’t feel comfortable being a Point Man, we can help you find a group. Please use the registration form below, share a little about yourself and your availability and we will do our best to match you with some others looking to join a D/Group. A Point man will contact you with more information.