FSM Update

Sept. 25th :: See You At The Pole

Encourage your student to join their classmates for prayer in the morning before school at their campus flagpole. It’s a great opportunity to gather with other Christians and pray for students, teachers, administrators, state and country.

Sept. 25th :: MIDWEEK Bible Study :: 6pm-7:30pm

This week at MIDWEEK we return to our series, Epic: God and His People from Creation to the Kingdom. When left to their own conscience mankind ended up especially wicked and God judged their depravity with a world-wide flood, only sparing Noah and his family. Now what? We look at how God will deal with people after the great flood.

Saturday, Sept. 28th :: Brothers Under Christ Breakfast :: 9:30am :: Rudy’s BBQ

FSM guys! Join us Saturday morning for breakfast tacos, a short study and some great fellowship as we man up. Don’t drive yet? If you can get there, we’ll get you home when we’re done. Bring money for breakfast!

Sunday, Oct. 6th :: Texans Watch Party :: 7:30pm :: Cafe & Studio

We’re watching the first half of the Texans and 49ers on the big screen in the Cafe. We’ll have video games, foosball and food while you watch. Bring some food to share with the group: chips, cookies, brownies, crackers, salty or sweet! We’ll have drinks. Game starts at 7:30pm, stay as long as you can- we’ll send you home at halftime.

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