See You At The Pole 2013 / Sept. 25th / The flagpole on YOUR campus before school

See You At the Pole is an annual day of student prayer that unites students from all over the US and abroad in prayer for their schools, teachers, friends and nation.

SYATP is a difficult endeavor in Katy ISD because public assembly forms must be filled out and submitted before the SYATP gathering can happen.


Please grab one of these forms from your campus office and either fill it out yourself and begin to gather your friends- or- leverage the influence of your campus clubs like FCA or other Christian clubs and promote SYATP there. Begin to pray now for many students to join you at your flag pole before school on Sept. 25th.


Please encourage yours student to take an active role in getting the word out about SYATP and make every effort to help them get to school early on Sept. 25th to pray with their classmates. With the recent events at Spring High School, calling on God from each of our local campuses should be a priority!

If you have questions about how YOU can help with SYATP, please contact Student Minister, Jon Hicks @ 281-391-1100