This Wednesday! Midweek @ Remixed :: 6:45pm-8pm :: Katy Community Fellowship’s Student and Office Building :: 1812 Ave. D Suite 205 :: Old Katy

This Wednesday night, April 9th, our student ministry will be joining the student ministry of Katy Community Fellowship for the first of a two week crossover event. This week we will be meeting at Katy Community Fellowship’s The Crossing at 1812 Ave. D Suite 205 in Old Katy from 6:45pm-8pm. Their youth meeting space is currently in this shopping center while they are building- look for small signs on the side of the street to guide you.

There are three ways to get to The Crossing: 1) Drive yourself. (If you are of age, of course.) See you there at 6:45pm. 2) Have your parents drop you off at the Crossing. Show up at 6:45pm. 3) Get a ride from a Midweek leader. Please meet in the cafe by 6:15pm so that we can get you in a car and make it to The Crossing on time. If you ride with us we will get you back to FBC as soon as we can after 8pm, or have your folks pick you up at The Crossing.

Next week KCF students are coming to Midweek and we will be meeting at regular time. Looking forward to two great weeks of fellowship with our friends from KCF!

2014 Resurrection Week Devotions

Look for our new book of devotions leading from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday on April 13th. This year’s devotions are all written by students- and each devotion is about one of the final sayings of Jesus from the cross. Don’t forget to pick one up.

Good Friday Student & Family Service :: April 18th :: 6:30pm-8pm :: FBC Studio :: $5 each for Dinner

We will again be joining together on Good Friday with students and their families for a non-traditional Good Friday service, remembering the crucifixion of Jesus and preparing for the glory of Resurrection Sunday. There will be student readings, times of worship and times of response for students and their families. Don’t miss this great night.

Passport: C3 :: Sunday, April 27th :: Noon-6pm :: $5 Lunch :: Topic Share: Your Faith, Your Story.

Our Final Passport of the year will be April 27th, from noon until 6pm and our topic will be evangelism. Very excited to teach sharing of the gospel and sharing of your testimony during this Passport discipleship time.

Camp Sign up Blitz :: Wednesday, April 30th :: 6pm-7:30pm :: FBC Cafe

Camp sign up Blitz is an opportunity for parents to get questions answered, forms filled out and deposits paid for this year’s M3 Student Summer Camp at beautiful Camp Zephyr on lake Corpus Christi. Camp dates are June 16-20. Cost is $235. You can sign up now online and call Jon Hicks for any question you may have regarding camp and financial help for camp.

FSM Student Showcase :: Sunday, May 4th :: 6:30pm-8pm :: FBC Studio

Join us for a night of great talent and great generosity. Our students will be sharing dessert and great talent with you and asking parents, relatives and church members to come enjoy the show and donate to our Summer Mission Trip! Come support our students and make a donation.