Welcome back to Student Ministry Update! My apologies for the long drought. The Spring gets pretty busy with Summer plans coming together, and Spring Break and Easter altering schedules, so we are back with weekly updates on all things FSM.

Wednesday, March 5th :: MIDWEEK SPECIAL :: 6pm Main Auditorium

Student will be joining the adults this Wednesday to hear church member Drew Rosser share about his challenges growing up with Holt-Oram Syndrome. Drew has undergone numerous surgeries since he was a baby and will share how his struggles have changed him and his faith. He will delve into questions like what should the theology of pain and suffering be for someone enduring these challenges? What does a person have to deal with when they look different?

We will meet int he Worship Center, then have some hang time in the Cafe afterward for those how need to hang out til 7:30pm.


Set your clocks ahead one hour before going to bed on the 8th so you can make it to church on time!

Coming Events

*Spring Break: March 10-14 (No Midweek on the 12th!)

*M3 Camp @ Camp Zephyr on Lake Corpus Christi: June 16-20 (Monday-Friday) ::             Cost: $235 :: Sign up online now :: $50 deposit