What an awesome night! Sunday was our annual Turkey Bowl Flag Football Fellowship and man, was it fun! Thanks so much to all the families who came out, brought food and hung out during the games. Yeah, we had to move it inside again, but I’m so thankful for parents, leaders and students who helped pick up chairs, and had fun despite the weather. I love laughing and playing with all of you- it’s something I’m am extremely THANKFUL for!


flee-and-pursue1This week as I was reading some student ministry blogs, I cam across one that got me thinking. It asked the question if I, as a parent (and student minister), was modeling the pursuit of God that I desire me own kids and church kids to have. Here are the five areas the author, Paul Tripp in his book, Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens, pointed out as markers of a healthy spiritual pursuit of God. I have tweaked them a little to our context, but the list is his.


1. Do I have an independent life of personal worship and study? If we are pursuing God it will be a top priority to pursue time with God. We will immerse ourselves in God’s Word. We will pray. We won’t get it all perfect, but there will be a developing life of personal devotion, learning and growing.

2. Do I have a desire for corporate worship and instruction. We will be glad to be in church each week. We will be there because we enjoy worship. In worship, we express our heartfelt love and thanksgiving for God and his work. We will enjoy being with other people who share our desire to praise God. We will be there because worship allows us to focus on the most important thing in our life. . . the existence of God and his glory. We intentionally put ourselves under the Bible teaching of a pastor to challenge us to further study, spur us on to genuine life change, not JUST to make us feel better or inspire us.

3. Do I pursue fellowship with the Body of Christ.  We will want to spend time with others who love God. We will desire to be involved in the Christian community. We will value the help, prayers, wisdom, insight, experience, and encouragement of the older and younger members of the body of Christ.

4. Am I relaxed and open to discussions about spiritual things. We know that God’s word speaks in some way to every situation in life. We are hungry to be guided and corrected by God’s word. We are humble, open, aware of our need for God’s help, and we seek it. My reluctance, or awkwardness in discussions about spiritual things registers deeply with teens and children searching for cues about what faith looks like in the adult world.

5. Do I approach decision-making from a biblical perspective. We will have a heart for what is right. We have a constant Godward reference  to everything we do. We believe that the most important question in any situation is, “What does God want me to think, desire, say, and do?” We see the Bible as their most important tool in making the critical and practical decisions in life. Do I or am I willing to hold this standard to every decision I make? Despite what the consequences may be?

This was a powerful and challenging reminder for me. We have to be pursuing the same things that we expect our kids to pursue. We cannot expect them to consistently seek God in areas and in ways that we don’t model ourselves. Man, that hurts.

 holiday-schedule-panelThis isn’t our COMPLETE holiday schedule, but it will get you started on a couple changes we will be making to our regular schedule during Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Nov. 26th: NO MIDWEEK, Nov. 30th: Combined Student Sunday School, Dec. 10th: Midweek Christmas Party, Dec. 17th: Midweek Study Break Dinner and Christmas Movie, Dec. 24th: NO MIDWEEK, Dec. 31st: NO MIDWEEK.

 Passport Life of PaulPassport Sunday :: December 7th :: Noon-6pm :: Taco Lunch: $5 :: Please bring a snack to share during the study!

Passport is our quarterly 6 hour discipleship Sunday focused on helping students create a solid foundation in Biblical doctrine and theology. It’s our hope that this solid foundation in truth with provide an anchor for their faith in junior high, high school and beyond.

This quarter we are studying the life of Paul. Other than Jesus himself no one had a greater impact on Gentiles like us than the Apostle Paul. It’s fascinating to piece his life and work together with this teachings as we trace this life abandoned to Christ.


Christmas Dessert theater 2014 halfChristmas Dessert Theater :: Sunday, Dec. 14th :: 6:30pm-8:30pm

As a fundraiser for our Romania Mission Trip and a great showcase for the considerable talent of our students, we will again try to host a dessert theater where students will wait tables as well as sharing their talents on-stage in the form of song, sketch or dance. For those performing as a group or wanting to join in our scripted sketches, we will have Sunday night rehearsals from 6pm to 7pm in the studio on Nov. 23rd and Dec. 7th after passport if necessary. During this time students will have monitored time to work in groups, as well as time to work on our scripted skits. Those needing camp scholarships this summer should plan to participate in order to be eligible for a scholarship.

Romania MissionsMission Romania / July 3-13, 2015

Change your life this summer by traveling with us to Jibou, Romania to work with our partners at the Jibou Baptist Church and the camp they host every summer for kids in their area.

For more information about the trip, please call or email Jon Hicks or Jeff Adams (jhicks@fbckaty.com or jadams@fbckaty.com).

$200 Deposit and Mission Team Application Due December 1st.

Image-BearersMIDWEEK! :: Wednesdays 6pm-7:30pm :: FBC Cafe :: Worship & Bible Study for grades 7-12

Midweek Student Bible Study is the best time in our ministry schedule for students to create lasting relationships both with peers and leaders as we come together in a casual, but purposeful time of fun, worship and Bible study.This week we kick off a new three week series called Image Bearers which will focus on our uniqueness in creation as well as what it means to live as a Godly man and Godly woman within God’s plan. It’s going to be challenging and encouraging for all students.


 OTD logoOn Track Devotions :: Month of November= The Gospel of John

As a new emphasis this year we are using On Track Devotionals to encourage our students to develop the habit of reading and studying the Word of God daily. Ken Ullrich is heading up text/email encouragements and challenges to students who decide to use On Track Devotions and we will celebrate with students each month as they complete a book of devotions. If you would like to check out On Track Devotions drop by the cafe and grab one off the new student ministry resource table. You are more than welcome to use OTD along with  your students to engage them in conversation and deeper discipleship.


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