6 Sundays / 4pm-5:30pm / FBC CAFE / Beginning March 19th

In an interesting, visually engaging, and thought provoking manner this study will prepare   students for the barrage of unsubstantiated arguments which our culture will use to attack and shame students who hold  a Biblical worldview of creation. I want to encourage you to do   everything you can to make this a priority in your students’ schedule during the dates of this study.

As theologians and researchers continue to study the growing number of students leaving the their faith after high school, we are increasingly finding that students who have a strong Biblical creation worldview have used it as a foundation to build a strong belief in the reliability of all of God’s Word, and were more confident in defending and retaining their faith in God and their trust in Christ after high school. It’s that important.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis is a 12 week video study created by The Institute for    Creation Research in Dallas, TX. We will be looking at the first 6 sessions in the study this Spring and the next 6 session in the Fall of 2017. Topics during this 6 week study are: Chaos or Cosmos?, What is Life?, What is Man?, Buried Clues, Flood or Fiction?, and How Old is Earth?

We will meet on Sunday afternoons in the Cafe from 4pm-5:30pm beginning March 19th and ending April 30th. We will not meet on Easter Sunday night.