Over the last three weeks our students and I have been asking ourselves how we have been slowly poisoned by sin and weighed down by worldly living. This week we challenged students to hit control+alt+delete on these things and restart their spiritual lives before the summer and its full slate of spiritual growth opportunities. We want students to be ready to accept and obey all that God has called them to this summer and this process begins with “detox.”

The link below will access a seven day devotional designed to help students reconnect with God’s Word, take out any trash they have been harboring during the school year, practice regular repentance and rejoice in what God is doing in their lives, and recognize how he is using other people to impact them.

If you are a student we know this is a challenge. Fasting from social media, and limiting TV and video games will be tough. But if we are only continuing to add to the trash in our lives while also taking it out- we aren’t accomplishing much. Give it a shot. See what God will do.

If you are a parent- why not get the whole family involved? Use the truths here to teach your younger children. Support you student by fasting from social media and limiting your tv time. Print your own detox devotions so you can share what God is teaching you around the dinner table.

It’s our prayer that this tool be used to draw you nearer to the one in whom we live and move and have our being. To reconnect to the God of angel armies, who although he holds the heavens in the palm of His hand, hear each of His children’s calls and cries. To Him be the Glory.