We are gearing up for another awesome summer here at Katy’s First! We have two amazing interns who are ready to invest in the lives of our students. We have lots of great activities and times in the Word to catalyze relationships and challenge growth. It all starts here! We don’t want you to miss a moment of the action so here is our summer calendar- the road map to fun and fellowship over the next three months.

BYOL= Bring Your Own Lunch! BYOL is an excuse to get together, hear some teaching and have some fun. Most Mondays we gather at noon, eat whatever lunch you brought with you, hear some teaching, and do something really fun that you enjoy being with. Usually we finish at 2pm.

Summer Midweek: The Summer version of Midweek is less structured than its’ school year counterpart. It’s usually involves some teaching on our summer theme, but not all the time, and then involves some really crazy event or activity meant to help bond students from five public schools, a private school, a charter school and homeschoolers into a group that loves each other and enjoys being together. Let’s do this!

If you have any questions about our summer schedule please don’t hesitate to email or call Jon Hicks! (jhicks@katysfirst.org / 281-391-1100)